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Release & Bloom Yin Yoga

Rhodi Bloom Release & Bloom is a beautiful yoga course in the Yin Style of Yoga.

Yin Yoga works on the ‘Yin’ tissues of the body, as known as our Connective tissues. These respond best to a slow paced, steady release and so Yin yoga tends to hold poses for longer to get the most benefit, encouraging the body to respond by strengthening this area.

Yin yoga also concentrates on the Meridian System of the human body. These are energy channels that flow through our body according to Chinese Medicine. When these become blocked or stagnant they can develop disease. Holding poses for longer has proven to release these blockages and promote healing & health.

As Yin is slow paced, it gives us time to mentally release and go within. Leaving our day to day behind for a moment, concentrate on ourselves, strengthen our body, mind & soul and completely Release & Bloom.

Course Length:

5 week course


11th July 2023