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Rhodi Bloom aims to promote wellbeing, self care & relaxation. Based in Dublin, we produce self care boxes for men and women, bursting with love and care from every inch of their design and creation. Rhodi Bloom was created following a life changing event which has inspired me to look after my own self care & I realised it is so important to make time to do this.

There is a huge amount of thought and care in choosing each specific product in each box so each recipient feels like they’ve just been given a big huge hug. Each box has been named with extremely special meaning and is inspired by specific events that have happened to me. I hope these boxes continue to inspire and spread positivity throughout hard times.

The Rhodi Bloom Collection will be updated each season and new boxes will be added as ideas come to me!

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Fundraising from every sale!

The Rhododendron Fund has been created with the help of iDonate.ie to raise funds for Féileacáin and The Bereavement Services of The Rotunda Hospital.  

This fund is named after our beautiful baby girl, who has touched our lives forever and is the sole reason behind the creation of Rhodi Bloom.

Unfortunately in May 2017 we lost our girl Rhododendron at 22 weeks pregnant. A life changing moment for all of us. I will forever be grateful for the incredible help and experience of The Bereavement Services of The Rotunda and the beautiful memory box we received from Féileacáin. 

The work that both of these charities do everyday is something that is selfless and vital. It is a vocation and is needed now more than ever in these difficult times. I can safely say my healing journey would not be at such a positive stage without the help of both of these charities. 

I hope to raise as much funds as possible through the sales of every Rhodi Bloom Box and also by constantly fundraising on their behalf. 

Please donate and give a little or a lot! Every tiny amount adds up and helps someone somewhere deal with this incredibly difficult life event.

Ways to Donate:

Follow this link or click the image above: http://idonate.ie/rhodibloom


Purchase a Beautiful Rhodi Bloom Self Care Box as an incredibly meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Positivity & Wellbeing.

Promoting positive mental health, wellbeing and self-care is something I am really passionate about and try to bring into my daily life when I can. It is not easy to remember to do it but can completely change your day if you do. Whether it be some mindful breathing while standing in a queue for just a few minutes or setting a longer time aside to soak in the bath. Either way you are doing some self care! It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort.

I have created a page full of positive tips and links including affirmation card free downloads, guided mindfulness, links to local wellbeing & self care businesses and much more! 

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