Rhodi Bloom aims to spread positivity, uplift and empower. I have been working with a wide range of Irish and UK companies that create the most beautiful products to make up The Rhodi Bloom Boxes. A huge amount of thought and effort has gone into creating each box and even their names have very special meaning. Rhodi Bloom is raising funds by donating from each sale of The Rhodi Bloom Boxes to two very special charities. For more information on our chosen charities please see our Donate section. 

The Rhodi Bloom Boxes are created for Men and Women, filled with all of the products and items that I love to treat myself to and use to pick myself up when I need to feel uplifted and give myself a boost. Using these and similar products has helped me through a very tough few years, they are kind of my survival guide if you like! By the way, I am no expert in any of this, I only speak from my own personal experiences and what works for me.

What does the name mean?

Rhodi Bloom is a name that jumped out to me while writing down all of my ideas for this project. A Rhododendron is an incredibly beautiful flower that blooms for an extremely short amount of time each year. This is time of year that we experienced out first pregnancy loss. We named her Rhododendron. She has inspired me to create this project in her honour, to allow her family and friends remember her in a positive way, to uplift and empower others, reach out to others and to raise funds to help others.

I find any self-care no matter how small can give you a lift. From applying a hand cream for a few minutes, breathing in the fabulous scent to lowering your shoulders and breathing, to spending time soaking in a salt bath, clearing your head of thoughts by writing them down in a notebook or getting cosy in a pair of fluffy socks with a herbal tea or hot chocolate. Looking after yourself is so important to our normal daily lives. Throw in an unexpected tragic event into the mix and the need for this goes through the roof, mentally as well as physically.

These boxes are made for everyone, they suit any occasion and can be given for any reason. Everyone needs a little love!

I carefully prepare and post each box myself with a handwritten Thank You note inside. The packages can be sent to a loved one and can include a personal message to be enclosed inside the box.

I have put a huge amount of thought and effort into every aspect of these packages. I hope you love them as much as I do. Spread the love people!!

Mary-Rose x x x

About Me

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‘Who is Mary-Rose? I am the Founder of Rhodi Bloom and these days I am also a mum of a toddler while studying to become a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Infant Massage Instructor. Oh and trying to keep us all safe from COVID too. Oh and launching Rhodi Bloom too!

My background is Veterinary, but I knew once I met Rhodi that I wanted to change paths. As I said above, I am studying to become a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher currently. I hope to add to this to a qualification in Pregnancy Loss (Which I need to find first!) as I would hope that when I am teaching pregnancy yoga I could engage with anyone who has experienced a loss or is experiencing a loss and help them. I am also newly qualified as a Baby Massage Instructor and I host courses teaching parents how to massage their baby for bonding and interaction, amongst tonnes of other benefits. This is the happy side of my job! I would also love in the future to train as a Post Natal and a Kids Yoga Teacher. I see myself as eventually having a hub for before, during and after baby and beyond! Someday I’ll get there!

Rhodi Bloom Boxes

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