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Promoting positive mental health, wellbeing and self-care is something I am really passionate about and try to bring into my daily life when I can. It is not easy to remember to do it but can completely change your day if you do. Whether it be some mindful breathing while standing in a queue for just a few minutes or setting a longer time aside to soak in the bath. Either way you are doing some self care! It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort.

Deep breathing helps to oxygenate the blood, nourishing the entire body. More oxygen flow to the brain helps you become more focused and alert. A longer out breath is taught to relieve stress and to address the feeling of panic. On every exhale feel all of the tension of your body release, shoulders lower, jaw unclench, mouth relaxed.

Our daily lives can be so full to ‘To Do’ lists from the moment we open our eyes, that we reach the end of the day and have not actually taken a moment for ourselves to just sit and breath. 

Make a warm drink, cuddle it, take a moment and treat yourself to drink it mindfully.

I neglected my own self care for many years and it resulted in my mental health really suffering. I experienced panic attacks, headaches, depression, low self esteem, stomach upset due to stress. I finally looked into some holistic treatments and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have listed all of these treatments below that helped me greatly, in the hope that this information may be useful to someone out there going through a similar situation. 

My Links & Tips:

Links to Pregnancy and Baby Loss Organisations:

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Ireland – www.pregnancyandinfantloss.ie
Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland – www.ectopicireland.ie
Miscarriage Association of Ireland – www.miscarriage.ie
A Little Lifetime Foundation – www.alittlelifetime.ie
Anam Cara – www.anamcara.ie
Féileacáin – www.feileacain.ie
The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network – www.childhoodbereavement.ie/

Mental Health Ireland:

https://www.mentalhealthireland.ie/ A brilliant resource promoting positive mental health and well being. Also has brilliant links to links such as ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ and Support on how to access Mental Health Support in Ireland. Visit their youtube video on Five Ways to Wellbeing here:  https://youtu.be/bsc2QkCC3uI

My Positivity Cards: 

I created a deck of six cards which I use for my own anxiety and stressful times. I have received great feedback from anyone who has seen these so I decided to upload a PDF copy of them here for you to download and use as you may need them. I printed them in a small keyring size and keep them in my handbag as I never know when those panicky feelings can pop up to say hello! Download here to your phone or computer to print.

Guided Meditation I love: 
In the Rhodi Bloom Boxes I have a Tea Blender called Joerg who owns Solaris Tea based in Galway. His tea creations are all about mental wellbeing and taking a minute or two while having his tea to really relax and have some me time. He sent me on a link to his Guided Tea Meditation and I love it. It only takes a few minutes and does not have to  be at a certain time or place, anytime you are having a warm drink stick it on and enjoy. I feel relaxed, my shoulders are lower, my jaw is unclenched and I feel ready for a great day after it! See what you think… here it is https://solarisbotanicals.com/pages/tea-meditation-for-more-ease-in-home-office?view=azexo-49817813034
Local self care businesses I have used and love:
Arduna, Clontarf Road, Dublin. A counselling services with a wide choice of different councillors providing different treatments. I attended Adrian Condrea for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy here in 2017  and I would highly recommend him. Fantastic results and I still use his techniques to this day.

River Holistic, Raheny, Dublin 5. A really homely welcoming space that provides a huge range of holistic treatments, yoga, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness classes. Claire also has a brilliant online and in store shop with lots of self care goodies to treat yourself to. I was recommended to book in here a few months after loosing Rhodi, not really too sure what I needed. This place has been constantly in my life ever since. Such a positive place, always approachable no matter what I was going through and always a smiling face at reception. Just a lovely place to be. 

Namaste Wellness, Dublin. Created by Midwife Sarah Richardson, providing a wide range of holistic treatments and manifesting classes. I met Sarah when she started out teaching Pregnancy Yoga. I attended her class while pregnant with Rhodi and she is so welcoming with a relaxing, loving nature. After we lost Rhodi I attended her for Reiki, a type of energy healing which I loved, it is a minimal touch treatment and found really beneficial. These days Sarah specialises in positive manifesting and healing. She also sells beautiful Pregnancy Affirmation cards brilliant for labour and relaxing during pregnancy.

Holistic Soul Dublin, River Holistic, Dublin. Katie Dowling (@holisticsouldublin), provides massage, reflexology, aromatherapy amongst other treatments. I met Sarah through River holistic, I have attended her for Reflexology, Massage and an Aromatherpy zoom course too! Katie has a gorgeous happy caring nature and I feel so welcome in her company. I cannot wait to see her again for my next session.

Positive Instagram pages I follow:
I find that positive wellbeing can be affected by subconscious parts of our life that we are not even aware of. We could be following a certain person on social media and each of their posts could just trigger a bad feeling, unfollow these right now! Clean out your follow list and only have things you love to see and makes you happy. Unsubscribe to those annoying emails, even block people if need be. Make your surroundings mentally positive in every way, this is a great place to start. Here are some happy smiley people I like to follow, you might too;
@riverholistic Mentioned below in one of my favourite businesses. Claire also runs a brilliant Instagram page with positive quotes, aromatherapy blends and general daily happiness.
@crazydaisydublin If you want a laugh follow this little girl. She has some personality, hilarious!
@anneliesdraws This is a great positive page with lovely drawings of self care tips and to dos! 

@galpower A self love and empowerment Club set up in Dublin, Ireland. Brilliant and much needed idea!

My Social media & Email: I am always checking the Rhodi Bloom social media and emails so if you would like to get in touch please do! I may be able to point you in the right direction for something or just be a listening ear. A problem shared is a problem halved! 

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