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Dublin Herbalist

Dublin Herbalists was founded in 2012 by Claire Brett, Dip. Herb., ND. Indulging a new hobby, Herbalist and Naturopath Claire began developing recipes for a simple moisturiser made from entirely natural ingredients in her home kitchen. Her homemade cream proved so popular with family and friends that she launched Dublin Herbalists in 2013. Initially selling online and with the products being stocked in the first shop in January 2014, Dublin Herbalists’ ethos and product range has since enjoyed a dedicated and ever-increasing fanbase in Ireland and abroad.

Today, Dublin Herbalists’ collection includes over twenty skin care products for the face, body and baby. Honouring carefully selected and sourced natural ingredients, sustainability and traceability in our products and packaging are of the utmost importance to us. Progressive in our unique, tried-and-tested approach to natural cosmetics, we are passionate about a range that adapts to reflect modern skin care needs. Continually developing valued new relationships with our customers and stockists, the Dublin Herbalists team is excited to share an accessible collection of the best natural skin care products locally and globally

The Moher Soap Company

ABOUT MOHER: Both myself and my husband have ‘working hands’. For years we both had trouble with dry and broken skin as a result of repeated hand washing with commercially produced soap. I slowly came around to the idea of making soap myself, using only natural ingredients, at home in my kitchen. With the discovery that I could make use of the properties derived from the flowers and herbs that grow in our garden, I quickly became fascinated with the world of soapmaking.

Falling back on my scientific training and time spent working in laboratories, I gradually built up an understanding of how various natural ingredients interact to influence the properties of soap. Over time I came up with a few products that I thought really worked and decided to see if other people loved using them as much as we did.

With a strong personal interest in packaging I started researching how best to present my soap to the world and fell in love with the idea of wrapping the soap in fabric, a material that people could reuse to make other things with, themselves. This zero-waste ethos carried forward into homemade wooden moulds and cutters, the aluminium tins, glass jars and organza gift bags that you will find with the rest of my range today and the handmade, upcycled stands used to display them.

Living within a few minutes of the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare and referencing my husband’s love of surfing below these otherworldly cliffs at Aileen’s, I chose to call my project ‘The Moher Soap Co.’

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy crafting them!


Three Hills Soap

Proudly made in Dublin, Ireland, we’re bringing you a fabulous vegan, palm oil free, natural soap that is skin – friendly, animal- friendly and earth – friendly.

Three Hills Soap is inspired by the rich simplicity of nature and therefore we like to keep our products simple but beneficial. We are proud to call ourselves cruelty-free by choosing ingredients that do not contribute to the cruelty of other living things.

Three Hills Soap is also committed to Eco-Friendly Green Packaging as we minimise packaging materials, we use materials that have a little environmental impact, use materials that can be recycled by our customers and we re-use materials we have received.

Our soap is wrapped in the Hairy Manilla paper band and the paper itself is made from “low grade”
(the greenest) post-consumer waste. This paper is not dyed or bleached using any chlorine, the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials. The packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable and compostable.
The paper cigar wraps packaging is fastened with a seal which is made from cellulose and is fully biodegradable and compostable.

As mentioned earlier, our soap is made using the cold-process method which creates a biodegradable soap bar with zero by-products. The only by-product of soap making (saponification process) is vegetable glycerine which has great moisturising properties.

Energy consumption is also kept to an absolute minimum – every single bar that makes its way to your doorstep – and hopefully into your daily routine, is lovingly poured, cut and wrapped by hand.

We use only natural ingredients, ethically sourced and skin-loving vegetable oils of high quality like olive, coconut, castor, avocado, rice bran, sweet almond oil, organic raw shea butter and of course lots of love, (never premade soap bases, detergents, preservatives, or sulfates).

No palm oil in our soaps due to its unsustainability and environmental concerns.

We only colour our soaps with natural plant colourants, cosmetic-grade clays and spices, so our soaps are aesthetically coloured by nature itself; we don’t even use micas or oxides to colour soaps.

Only pure essential oils are used to scent our soaps (never synthetic fragrance oils).

By combining naturally occurring ingredients we make beneficial products.

All our clays soaps are left unscented to better suit the needs of people with different types of skin and skin conditions as clays fortify the soaps with their own skin benefiting properties. We offer different soaps for sensitive, oily, combination, normal, dry, acne-prone skin, itchy, irritated skin.

Brave Girl

About: ” Founded in 2017 Brave Girl started as a philanthropic fashion brand with its motto to “bring a little sunshine” back in to the lives of all those affected by breast cancer. Part proceeds from every purchase of a Brave Girl product are donated to Breast Cancer Now, allowing you to shop guilt free knowing that you’re giving back to a charity that supports all the incredible women who fight this crippling disease. Additionally, The company has recently partnered with WIRES Australia to support endangered and injured wildlife affected by the 2020 Australian Bush fires, and hopes to partner with other women’s and environmental causes as the company expands.

Having spent a significant part of her life living along the vibrant and colourful California coastline, Brave Girl’s founder, Sarah, wanted to bring some of that fun and colourful energy in to her products. She started with a swimwear and yoga bra line, and has now expanded to include clothing and accessories such as cosy cashmere socks.

Brave Girl’s products are all ethically sourced and Sarah works with predominantly female led suppliers, sourcing her wool and cashmere from Inner Mongolia and Scotland. “
Sarah gives 10% of all her sales to Breast Cancer Research.

Rhodi Bloom Boxes