The Rose Box


The Rose Box.

This box is specifically designed for anyone coping with pregnancy loss. These exact items got me through my own losses and gave me inner strength, self love and the ability to process this awful time and come out stronger the other side.

I named this box The Rose Box, firstly because a Rhododendron is part of the Rose family of flowers and Rhodi is in everything I do so again this is for her. I also named this the Rose Box because when I think of pregnancy and loss, I think of a new little bud ready to bloom, this being when you first get that positive pregnancy test. It is beautiful and precious. Unfortunately, for some, this precious time ends too soon. I see this stage as the petals falling from the Rose.

My final reason for this name is that Roses bloom again! The petals may fall and the flower may sleep but the day will come again when this precious flower fully blooms! Like a beautiful blooming baby bump.

All my love,



The Rose Box contents:

The Rose Deck affirmation cards. I created this deck specifically for pregnancy loss. The affirmations within this deck are the statements that I wrote on post it’s and stuck around my house when I needed them most. 42 cards.

The Other Side of the Door Journal. Created by Laura and Sarah this journal is what I was waiting for to make this box perfect. It is filled with prompted pages to journal feelings following a pregnancy loss. It also has pages with a huge amount of resources and also stories from other parents coping with their losses.

Chakra Lava Bead bracelet: The perfect energy boost piece of jewellery to keep you reminded you are a strong starfish. Essential oils can be placed on the lava beads to diffuse when needed.

Calm essential oil blend: A mix of Patchouli, Frankincense, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang in Grapeseed oil. I create these blends myself and this is my favourite. Designed to alleviate anxiety, give mental clarity and an energy boost.

Bath salts: Hibiscus and Ylang Ylang bath salts. Soak away all worries and stresses with these amazing bath salts. They remove toxins from the body and give the opportunity to be silent and process your thoughts in some very much needed me time.

Candle: The flickering light from a candle allows us to be still and in the moment. It’s warmth is like a hug. This candle is scented with lavender to enhance relaxation.

This box is presented in a keepsake white ribbon tied box. I feel this box would be a beautiful box to keep any special items in as a memory box dedicated to baby or your journey.

The Rose Box is a limited run of 10 boxes.

All Rhodi Bloom sales donate to Feileacain and The Rotunda Foundation Bereavement Team.