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The Feather box is named after an experience that brought a smile to my face after receiving some devastating news during Lockdown 2020. As I sat in my car alone, crying and staring into space, wanting the world to just go away. I immediately noticed something right in front of me on the bonnet of my car. Two pure white feathers danced in a whirlwind style, completely hypnotising & beautiful. This made me stop in my tracks and smile, an odd reaction after the news I had just received.

The saying goes that ‘When Feathers Appear, Angels are Near’.

I am no Holy Joe but I like to think this is true. I felt it was Rhodi that day, looking out for me, which made me smile! I could almost feel the warmth of a hug on my shoulders at this time and it made me relax and breathe and realise all the positivity and love in my life to be thankful for. There is always someone looking out for us no matter how low we feel. You can do this.

I hope this box give the recipient a feeling of a big bear hug whenever they need it!

A donation from the sale of every Rhodi Bloom Box is given to The Rhododendron Fund!


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The Feather Box Contains:

  • Relaxing Bath Salts – Hibiscus & Ylang Ylang, the perfect combination to detoxify your body and relax your mind. These salts are enough for 5-6 full baths. Does not contain any artificial colours or fragrances, no parabens or steroids.
  • Natural Lip Balm – Mandarin fragrance with ultra moisturising Cocoa butter and Bees Wax. A real treat for your lips leaving them looking and feeling beautiful. 100% Vegetarian, no artificial additives, hand mixed and hand poured.
  • Cosy Socks – No pampering is complete without some fluffy socks. This pair are made of the softest material giving ultra comfort. Pop on for some instant cosiness. Colours may vary depending on availability.
  • Chillout Candle – 100% Organic natural plant wax, contained in a recycled glass 9cl Votive. Subtle relaxing scents of Clove Terpenes, Turpentine oil, Mentha Arvensis oil, Geranium and Sweet Orange oils. No petrol-chemicals and clean burning for up to 25 hours.
  • Calm & Sleep Essential Oil (Choice of one) – Rollers allow the user the benefits of essential oils whenever and wherever they want to use it. Made with Pure Essential Oils in Grapeseed Oil. Can be applied to wrists, behind the ears, soles of the feet.
    • Option One: ‘Calm’ is a blend of Patchouli, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense to help relax and release all stresses. The perfect blend to apply when in the need to clear your head.
    • Option Two: ‘Sleep’ is a blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Geranium. To help you to drift off into a relaxing blissful sleep to wake up rested and restored.
  • Chamomile Tea or Hot Chocolate Swirl (Choice of one) – Both options are a perfect excuse to stop for a moment and cuddle your mug!
    • Option One: Solaris Chamomile Dream Tea is blended by Jeorg Muller in Galway. This tea allows you to clear your mind, chill and take a moment. Jeorg developed a meditation to acompany his tea which is available on our Positivity Page. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to enjoy it. 2 sachets included.
    • Option Two: Chez Emily Hot Chocolate Swirl is handmade by Irish Belgian Chocolatiers in Meath. Add this swirl to a cup of hot / warm milk and allow to melt fully. This is the nicest Hot Chocolate I have ever tasted, so rich and comforting. 1 swirl included.
  • Feather Bracelet – A piece of jewellery can remind us that we are strong, we are loved, we are beautiful.
  • Notebook – Writing thoughts and memories down is a great way to clear them from your mind and give clarity. If you like to set monthly goals this can help to keep track of all the new positive things you are going to accomplish! A positive start to every month! Comes with a ballpoint pen. Notebook colour may vary depending on availability.
  • Our Packaging – The packaging on every Rhodi Bloom Box is extremely special, every box is hand prepared with love and care. The box itself is stunning with white ribbon tie and magnetic closure box that is intended to be kept as a keepsake to hold precious items. A positivity card is placed inside each box (see pictured above) these cards contain a positive statement, a little happiness boost. The interior white tissue and shred is carefully hugged closed with a Feather sticker. The exterior ribbon holds a very special feather charm, again intended to be kept as a keepsake, this silver feather charm is there to give the recipient a huge boost of happiness and love upon opening their package. Every box includes a personalised handwritten gift note.

A donation from the sale of every Rhodi Bloom Box is given to The Rhododendron Fund!

The Rhododendron Fund. I have set this up to raise funds for two charities close to my heart. Feileacain and The Bereavement Services of The Rotunda Hospital. Both of these organisations do brilliant work as I have experienced first hand. Donations are made from every sale of a Rhodi Bloom Box. I have also set up an iDonate page where people can freely donate. Please visit iDonate/rhodibloom or visit our Donate section to donate. Thank you!

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Oil Blend Roller

Calm Blend Essential Oil, Sleep Blend Essential Oil

Tea or Hot Chocolate

Solaris Chamomile Dream Tea (2 Tea sachets), Chez Emily Hot Chocolate Swirl (1 Swirl)